Save vs. Splurge: The Nail Bracelet

The Fab and Frugal DC Fashion Blog | The Cartier Nail Bracelet BangleThe Fab and Frugal DC Fashion Blog Cartier CC Skye Nail BraceletThis is the new IT accessory. If you haven’t seen it on every celeb who’s any celeb, you soon will. Meet Cartier’s 18k yellow gold Juste un Clou bracelet,which retails for $6,350. This is the skinny twin to Kim Kardashian’s most recent gift from boyfriend Kanye West – you can get her version here for $35,000. Yes you read that correctly. VOM. If you’re lusting over the style but can’t/wont/wouldn’t even if you had the ability to buy Cartier’s pricey piece, get the beautiful CC Skye’s Nail Bangle for only $95!


Save v Splurge Nude Sneaker Wedge

Madden Girl Isabel Marant Sneaker Wedges Save vs. Splurge The Fab and Frugal DC Fashion BlogMadden Girl Isabel Marant Sneaker Wedges Save vs. Splurge The Fab and Frugal DC Fashion BlogIf you follow me on Twitter (do so here), you know that when these clunky ugly things came out I probably said something along the lines of “I feel sorry for people who wear these and think they’re cute”. Really. But after I came across Isabel Marant‘s nude version on Net-a-Porter, I gave them a second thought. Obv I’m not gonna drop $640 on a terribly trendy item. So I asked for the $60 Madden Girl version (available here) for Christmas! And I actually dig them much more than the lumpy look of Isabel’s. Gasp! It’s true! See me struttin’ below.

Madden Girl Isabel Marant Sneaker Wedges Save vs. Splurge The Fab and Frugal DC Fashion Blog

Celine’s Bi-Cabas Tote Twin

Save vs. Splurge Colorblock Tote |Neiman Marcus Colorblock Tote & Celine Bi-Cabas Tote | The Fab and Frugal | DC Fashion BlogNeiman Marcus North South Colorblock Tote vs. Celine Bi Cabas Colorblock Tote

When momma dukes showed up at my crib with this que fab North-South tote by Neiman Marcus’ private label a few months back I was all like what the what, can I get that? Being the all-altruistic parent she is, she gave it up to a good home. Since then, it has done me good carrying all the essentials and not-so-necessary items I need/think I need on a daily basis. She bought it at Neiman Marcus Last Call for a solid $80.

Little did I know (cut me some slack here… I don’t know it ALL) Celine has an exact match to my carry all that’s actually quite coveted – the Bi-Cabas tote. As a matter of fact, the color combo I own came out in 2011. Celine continues to remake the coveted arm candy in shades and hues for each season retailing for a whopping $1200!

Now forgive me if this came too late, but as far as I can see the Neiman Marcus tote is no longer available. But if you love the look of Celine’s Bi-Cabas Tote but cringe at it’s price point, my suggestion is to keep an eye out on ebay or discount re/e-tailers for the Neiman Marcus piece!